Community Features at RoomPe (Demystifying C from C.A.R.T of RoomPe)

RoomPe Presents 60 Bed AC Boys Hostel Near VaishnoDevi Just 5 mins from Nirma University Adani and 10-12 Mins from AIT – SAL – GIT – Alpha

Hello Students

As discussed in last mail, entire model of RoomPe works on C.A.R.T Model,
where C = Community, A = Amenities, R = Residences & T = Technology

Today, we are going to elaborate all 7 Community Features of RoomPe & some exciting news too!

Community is the first and foremost thing which differentiates a PG / Hostel with a Coliving Hostel.
 So here it is

  • Social & Cultural Events
    In total 8 events will be celebrated with great pomp, namely, Janmastmi, Navratri (with competition & can bring friends along), Diwali, Christmas – New Year, Uttrayan, Holi
  • Movie Screenings
    In total 2 movie screenings, of-course at Movie Theatre, where you can bring your 1 friend along. Movie will be chosen by popular voting
  • Fresher’s Party
    You will be the host, you will be guest, you will decide menu & venue. An event where you can dance, enjoy & make new friends
  • Sports – NightCamps – Bike Rides
    Cricket, Football, Camp Treks, Cycling, Bike Riding & Expeditions will be regular part of weekends. Additionally, RoomPe residents can plan to organize competitions. Decathlon is just 5 KMs away 🙂
  • Deals & Discounts
    So many brands, cafes, salons and service providers are willing to offer Deals & Discounts exclusively for Roompe residents
  • Internships, Workshops, Seminars
    Paid & Unpaid Internships, Paid projects, Workshops, seminars, career counselling, value added sessions will be there often. Pratham Community will host sessions at RoomPe. And Yes, RoomPe TedX is on cards where RoomPe residents will be in organizing team. We will be adding Campus Placement, Roompe Startup Fund too
  • Entrance Exam Coaching
    No more need to travel to CG Road, University for CAT, GRE – GMAT, IELTS – GATE Preparation. No more worries of Cab sharing, Late entries & Long Driving Hours & Safety. RoomPe residents will have faculties at Roompe Properties only

    We are improving, adding & improvising.
    Don’t wait, Call 9328227697 & Book YOUR ROOM NOW

    The Location and address is as below:
    Nr Sterling Greenwoods, Opp Shiv Shakti Dhaba S P Ring Road, nr. Vaishnodevi Circle, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382421

    The distance from colleges:
    Nirma University: 1.6 Kms
    Adani Institute of Infrastrucutre: 3 Kms
    Ahmedabad Institute of Technology: 4 Kms
    Gandhinagar Institute of Technology: 12Kms
    Alpha College of Engineering and Technology: 12kms
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