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Partner With Us

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RoomPe is always open to talk and discuss any investment or JV proposal. We are open to financing right from equity to debt to both. RoomPe will be happy to have someone who brings just more than money only in form of investment. Investors / VCs / PE can CONTACT US


RoomPe will be more than happy to collaborate with any corporate or industry including hospitals to establish a hostel facility for the staff. Corporate can CONTACT US

Property Owners & Real Estate

Any property owners (independent bungalows, affordable housing / apartment scheme, purpose build hostels, hotels, dormitories, corporate guest house owners can contact RoomPe to lease property for long duration

School / College / University Administration:

RoomPe will be delighted to bring student housing cum lodging & boarding facilities for student. We can work on taking management contracts for existing property or we can collaborate to create a new setup (on-campus / off-campus) depending upon availability. Any school / college / university can contact us at least 3 months before the beginning of new term or year.